I know you hear my footsteps
Tick Tockin on the brickwork
I know you know that I’m coming
Ghetto hot mess knee jerk
You never said that you want me
Never acting like you don’t
Keep me tied up in a jacket
Never thinking that I won’t
Leave hungry
Not Starving
Now you nothing more than a metaphor
High heels bangin on the floor
Don’t you worry bit about  me –  baby
She take everything easy
I see the Army’s right behind me
Bayonet gonna gut me
Competition make you feel good
But never thinking that I would
Leave hungry
Not Starving
Leave hungry
Not starving
Now you a
Ghetto thug dirty knuckle lover
Keep a left foot in the gutter
Don’t you follow my footsteps
Or give away your death threats
Leave hungry
Not starving
Gordon ©2015

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